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No matter what type of parking solution you require, we can offer innovative and reliable solutions using a combination of tried and tested equipment proven to work excellently in this environment.

Installation of a car park management system can run into several millions of naira, depending on the technology that is chosen. As a demonstration of our long-term commitment to being a partner to any landlord, we have a special scheme in place to offer an upfront investment. Balosh can set up a complete car park management system in just two days.

From simple ticketing machines to license plate and vehicle guidance systems, Balosh can provide you with the right equipment to help you manage your parking facility efficiently. All our designs are based on a modular approach with virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of future expansion or integration with other systems such as; CCTV, value cards, etc.


Over the years, most of the known interruptions from operation have been identified and eliminated. Manual intervention is limited to replacing tickets and removing cash from the cashier stations.

Get in touch! We will talk you through the options in detail to ensure that the car parking system put in place is the most beneficial for you.

We can also put you in touch with some of our existing clients who will be happy to share their experience.

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