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We can help you discover the untapped potential of your existing site through a one-on-one consultation process. An in-depth audit of your existing car park will uncover both obvious and hidden issues, allowing Balosh to recommend a range of practical improvements. We can also help you to achieve the right solution from the start with a car park that has been meticulously planned and strategically designed by Balosh, including overseeing construction to ensure a quality project that is on time and within budget. Our consulting services include:

  • Consulting

  • Analysis

  • Feasibility studies and site selection

  • Parking equipment recommendations

  • Signage and way-finding strategy

  • Car park design and construction

  • Revenue assessment

  • Pricing strategies

  • Audit processes

  • Site and customer surveys

  • Parking policy development

  • Sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions

  • Parking patrols consulting


Installation of a car park management system can run into several millions of naira, depending on the technology that is chosen. As a demonstration of our long-term commitment to being a partner to any landlord, we have a special scheme in place to offer an upfront investment. Balosh can set up a complete car park management system in just two days.

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